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We are experienced VAT specialists who can advise and help you optimise your VAT position. This can include solving VAT technical problems like a smoother VAT process.

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The force behind the name

Marja van den Oetelaar
Marja van den Oetelaar
Owner & founder
Marja worked for several years as an indirect tax manager for one of the Big4 firms. She started the VAT Consultancy Firm in 2002. On behalf of several tax institutions, she lectures on VAT. She has also published several books and articles on VAT. Her specialties are advising internationally operating companies and not-for profit organizations on VAT issues. LinkedIn
Jeroen Bijl
Jeroen is a seasoned EU VAT specialist with a strong technical background, who helps clients by transforming complicated EU VAT rules into practical solutions. He is also very experienced in Dutch VAT, and has worked at Big 4 firms for many years. Jeroen is a Professor of Indirect Taxes at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. He also teaches various other courses (e.g. Erasmus Fiscal Studies, NOB, SRA). Jeroen is a honorary judge at the Court of Appeals in The Hague. LinkedIn
Aimee van der Paardt
Aimee van der Paardt
Aimee worked for several years for one of the Big4 but also in the industry. She is a well renowned VAT consultant for the real estate industry. Her other specialties are international-, national VAT consulting services and municipalities. She also teaches and publishes.
René van der Paardt
Of Counsel Tax
René is a tax lawyer and former partner at Loyens & Loeff and AKD. He has a lot of experience in the field of VAT and Real Estate Transfer Tax. René advises big and medium-sized companies. Other law and tax advisory firms ask him for a second opinion or an expert opinion. René was a professor in tax law at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and is a lecturer at the Nyenrode Business University and the Amsterdam School of Real Estate.
Pieter Tamse
Pieter Tamse
Junior VAT Consultant Compliance Practice
Pieter studied indirect tax law at the university of Amsterdam. He works since January 1, 2021 for the VAT Consultancy Firm.
Wouter Hoff
Wouter Hoff
Senior VAT Accountant
Wouter studied Civil Law at the university of Leiden. After many years working in the industry being responsible for Finance, he is now specialized in more complex VAT administrations.
Fulco Koopmans
Marketing manager
Fulco studied organizational science and business strategy at VU university and is now a growth hacker and responsible for the communication strategy.
We want your talent
Compliance officer
Do you have the skills and experience to be a compliance officer or do you have other talents in the indirect tax field? Let us know.

What do we stand for?

Specific advice

Your company is different from others, therefore a standard or general solution is not good enough. Practical and comprehensible VAT advice, VAT compliance or management of your VAT obligations throughout different regions, we are dedicated to deliver a sustainable VAT solution for each individual business.

Constructive advice

As a leader, it is essential to communicate effectively with employees and provide them both positive and negative feedback. Opening the lines of communication lets employees know you care about their performance in the workplace and motivates them to continue improving their skills.

When providing constructive feedback, an individual has a conversation with a coworker or employee about their work-related weaknesses.

BTW en internationaal zaken doenThe VAT handbookMKB-advieswijzer
The VAT handbookMKB-advieswijzerBTW en internationaal zaken doen
MKB-advieswijzerBTW en internationaal zaken doenThe VAT handbook

Our writings

Over the years we published several books and articles. In these publications you can find the experts view about their dedicated topic. One of these books is the European VAT Handbook which is published every 2 years.

The European VAT Handbook provides detailed essential information about VAT in Europe.

Entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized enterprises are faced with the daily challenge of making the right choices. The matter is treated from a practical angle in a short, businesslike and accessible manner.

This book explains the VAT consequences of common international transactions and focuses on the provision of services to customers outside the Netherlands.

With many happy clients, we can assure you that our advice will guide your problems in the right direction. We would love to get to know your business.

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