Your tax representation

Your tax representation

Is your company not based in the Netherlands, but does it use the Netherlands as a logistics hub? Or does your company import goods into the Netherlands? In that case, your company may benefit from appointing a tax representative or it may even be mandatory to appoint a tax representative. Also when you would like to make use of a VAT warehouse or an excise warehouse, you need a tax representative. When you contact us, we first establish whether you indeed need a tax representative. If needed, we optimize your supply chain from a VAT perspective. If you decide to appoint us as your tax representative, we apply for your VAT identification, EORI number and the license to defer the import VAT to the VAT returns. As soon as you receive the VAT identification number from the Dutch Tax Authorities you can start trading. We take care of your VAT obligations. Our company has an excellent reputation with the Dutch Tax Authorities so normally they are willing to cooperate and work fast.

We represent companies from all over the world. Where most firms only report on the basis of the information provided by the clients, we distinguish ourselves by actively thinking along with you. Are your invoices correct? Can VAT be avoided in a VAT warehouse? Can pre-financing of VAT be prevented by a simple change in the supply chain? We are not simply entering data into the returns. All our employees have a university education and are trained in VAT. And yet our rates will surprise you. Please contact us and request a fee quote.

Registration for VAT

Normally foreign companies need to be registered with the office of the tax authorities in Heerlen. For the registration process we need your articles of association, an extract from the chamber of commerce and a certificate of status of being a taxable person. Once we received the required information, we can file the application within 24 hours.

VAT returns

We file your quarterly VAT returns. The VAT returns must be submitted electronically. Before the deadline you will receive an email with the request to send the information. The information can be sent either in an Excel or it can be uploaded in a tax engine. We always check the correctness of your invoices. If many, we do a random check.


If the thresholds are exceeded we file monthly Intrastat reports. The Intrastat needs to be filed by the 10th working day of the month following the reporting month. Of course you will be warned upfront of the approaching deadline.

License to defer the import VAT to the VAT returns

If you import goods into The Netherlands, we can apply for a license so you won’t have to pay VAT at the time of importation. The VAT due will be shifted to the VAT returns. If you are not established in The Netherlands you will need to appoint us as your tax representative.

European Sales Listings

The ESL’s need to be submitted on a monthly basis. It is possible to agree on fixed fees with us. If you have a question for example about intracommunity supplies, VAT warehousing of excise or bulk goods, triangulation, the exemption for exports or invoice requirements, you have come to the right place.

It is possible to agree on fixed fees with us. If you have a question about, for example, intracommunity supplies, arrangements for excise or bulk goods, triangulation, the exemption for exports or the invoice requirements, you have come to the right place.

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We take pride in providing you with the best workable solutions for any VAT problem. Whether it relates to Dutch VAT legislation or the legislation of other countries. We have very diverse companies and institutions as clients.


You can leave your VAT Compliance in our capable hands. We file returns in the Netherlands but also in other countries. Not only on the basis of the information received but we also check the correctness of the invoices issued. This is how we distinguish ourselves from other offices.  


If there is a need for temporary support for your VAT department, we can also be of service. We have in-house experience as an (interim) corporate tax specialist.



We teach at several institutions for tax consultants and accountants such as RB, SRA, Fiscaal Vanmorgen and ASRE. But we also offer tailormade trainings sessions. Tell us which type of training you were thinking of and we will provide you with a fee proposal. You will not be disappointed.

VAT Training

With many happy clients, we can assure you that our advice will guide your problems in the right direction. We would love to get to know your business.

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